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Bible Road Trip ~ Overview ~ A 3 Year Bible Survey for Children and Young Adults Grades 1-12 {Free Weekly Printable Syllabus}


Bible Road Trip ~ FREE 3 Year CurriculumFriends, I am SO excited to announce the advent of Bible Road Trip ~ A 3 Year Bible Survey!  This week, I’m sharing with you an overview of the program, so you can decide if you’d like to participate, gather your supplies, and share the link with your friends (you don’t want anyone to miss out, right?)!

Just like the rest of the curriculum, the Overview of Bible Road Trip is a free, printable schedule… a guide to your Scripture journey for the next three years.  In this Overview, we’re going to cover what, exactly, Bible Road Trip is, how it can help you in your homeschool, family worship, Bible study small group, or co-op, and what supplies you’re going to need.

Next Wednesday, I’ll post Bible Road Trip ~ Year One Week One (What is the Bible?).  I’m beginning the posts weekly this summer so that if you’d like to use Bible Road Trip in the fall, you’ll have the Overview and the first six weeks available to you by September 1st.

Interested?  Check it out!  (Don’t forget to subscribe to Thinking Kids, or like my Facebook or Pinterest pages so you’ll receive notification of each weekly schedule!)

Here’s what Bible Roadtrip is:

  • A 3 Year Bible Survey Syllabus ~ A schedule of Bible study (book by book), Scripture reading and memorization, and additional activities such as: notebooking, crafts, and great videos and books
  • Each year consists of a 32 week, customizable schedule. ~ This schedule can be expanded to allow for more time for study in any given area.
  • 5 separate levels of study (Preschool – Kindergarten, Lower Grammar ~ Grades 1-3, Upper Grammar ~ Grades 4-6, Dialectic ~ Grades 7-9, Rhetoric ~ Grades 10-12)
  • Each level is designed to coordinate with the other grade levels, while allowing growing students to delve deeper and even begin to share what they are learning in new and exciting ways (consistent with the theories underlying Classical Education).
  • Bible Road Trip does not address specific theological or doctrinal arguments. (There are some discussions over the manner in which we approach Scripture in the upper grades.)  For example, though I believe in the literal Creation account, and I was careful to choose materials that did not discount that very valid view of the Bible, you will not find anything here that specifically addresses Creationism.  There are many wonderful ministries that you can consult for additional materials.  Rather, weeks 3-5 of Year One of Bible Road Trip will acquaint students with the book of Genesis – its authorship, themes, storyline, and timing in actual history.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Bible!  I absolutely recommend giving each child their very own Bible.  For the Preschool – Kindergarten level, I suggest a great Bible storybook: 365 Great Bible Stories by Carine Mackenzie.  Everyone else will use a full-text Bible.
  • Each grade level has necessary texts, as well as suggested resources.  Check out the Overview… there’s a detailed list.  I have no affiliation with any of the publishers or authors I’ve suggested in the resources.  Every resource listed has been suggested by a pastor, a number of reputable catalogs and indexes, or is a resource that my family already uses and loves.  Many of the resources can be located at the local public library, but it was my goal to choose resources of value, so that every family can invest in discipling their children.  Many of the “spine” resources will take your children through the full three year survey in their grade level.
  • Basic art supplies:  Scissors, 3-ring binders, cardstock and construction paper, pens, pencils, paints, etc.  I’ve tried to make the craft projects simple to coordinate, and something your children can value for years to come.
  • Time!  You’ll want to schedule time each week to spend with your family taking advantage of Bible Road Trip.  This can be daily, or several times a week.

Without Further Ado… the Overview:

You can print out the Overview in order to learn more about Bible Road Trip and to begin gathering your supplies.  Please be sure to observe the copyright information at the bottom of each page.  I’m sharing Bible Road Trip free of charge, in the hopes that the curriculum will help you (the parent) disciple your children.  I pray it will be a blessing to you.  In that spirit, you have permission to print the document, and to use it in your home or small group setting.  You do not have permission to transmit any part of Bible Road Trip in any other form or by any other means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise without written permission from me (Danika Cooley)… that means you can’t copy portions of it to your blog, Pinterest, facebook, a dropbox, etc.  HOWEVER, you are free to link to posts about Bible Road Trip here at Thinking Kids.  I want you to be able to share…  as long as your readers download their Bible Road Trip curriculum from Thinking Kids.

Blech.  That was a lot of legal stuff.  (The real copyright is on Bible Road Trip).  I just want to be clear, so you can use Bible Road Trip without wondering!

Here’s the Overview:

Bible Road Trip Overview

{File updated 1/12/2014}

Just click that link, print, and you’re set!

NOTE (3/19/13):

Friends, by popular demand, I’ve added indexes for Bible Road Trip!  You can find the indexes at the top of the blog, above the header.  Here are the links for Year One:

Bible Road Trip ~ Books of the Law (Year One) Index

Bible Road Trip ~ Books of History (Year One) Index

And for Year Two:

Bible Road Trip ~ Books of Poetry (Year Two) Index

Bible Road Trip ~ Books of Prophecy (Year Two) Index

SECOND NOTE (4/17/13)

There is now a Parent / Teacher Guide available for Bible Road Trip.  The Overview is contained in the guide, so if you decide Bible Road Trip is for you, this is what you’ll want to print!

Bible Road Trip Parent Teacher Guide

Look for Bible Road Trip ~ Year One Week One (What is the Bible?) .  I can hardly wait to take this journey with you and your family!  Let me know what you think!

~ Danika Cooley

Danika Cooley is a freelance children’s writer with a love for God’s Word, history, wisdom and small people. Her work has appeared in magazines including Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr.; Upper Room Ministries’ Pockets and Devozine; CBH Ministries’ Keys for Kids, and Cobblestone Group’s FACES and Odyssey. Her work also appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters.

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Author: Danika Cooley

I am a children's writer with a love for God's Word, history, wisdom and small people. You can learn more about my work at It's my desire to see parents raise thinking children, and to assist in discipling children to follow Jesus Christ.

43 thoughts on “Bible Road Trip ~ Overview ~ A 3 Year Bible Survey for Children and Young Adults Grades 1-12 {Free Weekly Printable Syllabus}

  1. I’ve nominated you for The very Inspiring Blogger Award!! Check out your nomination here:

  2. I would really love to do this curriculum. The only problem is my computer is having some sort of problem opening up PDF files. Is there any other way I could get it or do I just need to wait until we get our computer fixed?

    • Christy,

      I’d like you to be able to do this with us… but it’s too much information to post as a blog post… Send me an email, OK? cooley9232 (at) comcast (dot) net.

      ~ Danika

    • Christy, you may want to try this. You should install( or uninstall and reinstall) Adobe pdf reader which is free. Hit print Select Adobe pdf as your printer and it should ask you where to save the pdf to your hard drive.

  3. Danika, this looks really interesting. I’ve got a couple of questions because I’m hoping that we may do this. How long should we allow per day/week? I know that my husband will want to know your stance on inspiration/authority of Scripture. Thank you for your note on avoiding theological/doctrinal issues but this one, and I guess any other doctrinal information, would be useful.
    I appreciate all your work on this.

    • Sarah,

      I didn’t put a time on it, because I want you to be able to choose the activities that best fit your family. We’re doing the Upper Grammar level, and planning 3 hours a week… I’m trying to keep it at a half hour a day for the younger grades. Crafts and Scripture memorization can be variable, though. (If you choose to incorporate some of the DVDs or historical fiction, then the time may increase, of course.) For the Rhetoric level, the reading is still probably about 3-4 hours a week, but the optional projects could take some time.

      I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I believe that the Bible is authoritative and accurate. I’ve tried to ensure that the curriculum allows for teaching on the part of the parent in regards to doctrine and theology, but if my suggested journal questions, discussion questions, and book choices betray any personal beliefs, it will be that I believe the Bible to be true. Sola Scriptura. Does that help? I haven’t read the entire way through any of the spine books, but I am reasonably comfortable that all treat Scripture as inerrant and inspired. The most specific is the Rhetoric text (Encountering the Old Testament). It holds to the Plenary Verbal Inspiration Theory. It also explains the Neo-Orthodox Theory, the Dictation Theory, and the Limited Inspiration Theory, along with an objective evaluation of each theory, and why the authors believe the Plenary Verbal Inspiration Theory to be most accurate.

      Please let me know if you would like any further thoughts on this… 🙂

      ~ Danika

  4. Danika,

    Thank you. That is really helpful. I think I know how to work this in now but am looking forward to the first few posts to work out how this will actually work out here.

    • Sarah,

      It’s hard to judge the curriculum without seeing it, isn’t it? I appreciate your patience! I wanted to get it shared this school year, even if that means you all participate in the first version. I’m hoping that by next year, it will be a more polished process for everyone. I’m looking forward to feedback to help with that issue. 🙂

      I’ve decided to post Bible Road Trip on Wednesdays… so, just a couple more days!

      ~ Danika

  5. Hello
    I am interest in following this bible study program. I have an idea how to do this but I am having a hard time opening the files. I am not able to open it at all. Is there another way for me to get the files? I even sign up for WordPress just to see if theres another way but did not help.
    Many thanks.

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  7. Danika, I am really excited to start these lessons on Monday….I have 4 children 7,8, 9 and 10 and we’re also doing Tapestry of Grace Year 1 which works on the same principles you have…..I believe it was ordained that I found you when I did… I have printed everything off and even made my plan for the first week. We are going to be using Simply Charlotte Mason’s method for scripture memorization with the index cards and box, but with the scriptures you have provided….I know this is going to bless us….Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Heather,

      I’m so glad that Bible Road Trip look like it will be a blessing to your family. We’re doing Tapestry of Grace Year 3 this school year. 🙂 I really like the structure Tapestry has provided us with, and I was excited about doing the same thing for a Bible Survey. The index card box sounds like a fantastic plan! I love that your kids are so close together. That must be so much fun.

      Thanks for letting me know how you’ll be using Bible Road Trip. It’s a blessing to me to hear!

      ~ Danika

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  9. Hi,
    I am wanting to start this curricula. I am looking for the necessary books. Above, it says the Overview had a detailed list….but I don’t see a list of the books. Is there someplace that gives a list for each grade level? That would be WAY easier!! thanks for putting this together!

  10. NEVERMIND!! SORRY… on my ipad, the files don’t scroll down all the way. I have to get on my old laptop for me to see all the pages… wierd. do you know what would cause this? thanks

    • Alicia,

      I’m so glad you found it. I have no idea why your ipad won’t read the files! But, I’m so glad you’ve found the cause of the problem. Maybe Apple could help explain that issue?

      ~ Danika

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  12. I’m so excited about this, it seems like you have created exactly what I have been wishing for lately. Can’t wait to see your materials come out.

    • Sarah, Thank you for the comment. I’m so pleased that it looks like what you’re looking for! I’ll have the last 7 weeks of Year One up by the end of March, and the notebooking pages should all be up by the end of June or so. I’ll start posting Year Two in mid-July. You’ll have to let me know how it’s going!

      ~ Danika

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  14. Wow, this is beyond incredible! Thanks for such an amazing resource!

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  17. I discovered your Bible curriculum earlier today and just downloaded all the files you have available. I’m actually looking at starting this during the summer with my son. Our own weekly Bible study that we attend ends next week and this will give us some structured study time for the mornings. What a blessing to us that you have posted this for free! We don’t have the finances to buy programs out there and look for as many free resources as we can. Thank you so very much! I look forward to going through this study. 🙂

    • Veronica…how did you download them? I cannot seem to find them links…would you mind sharing it with the rest of us please. Thanks in advance.

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  24. Planning to use Bible Road Trip starting with the 2013 – 2014 school year with my lower elementary age kids! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for (I didn’t want to do all this thinking and work myself – I’m SO SO SO SO thankful for you!) By chance, are there direct links for the titles of the recommended books and DVD’s anywhere on this site? I can’t find any links to them, and I think that would be helpful, so I can see I’m getting the right items for sure. Did I miss it somewhere?

    Again, thanks for the blessing of you putting so much time and effort in getting this curriculum together! 🙂

  25. How do I download this curriculum for my kiddos?

    • Hi, Gracie. You’ll want to go the indexes above the website header (start with the Books of the Law) and you’ll see each week has a link to curriculum and a link to the notebooking pages. Click the link to curriculum and at the bottom of the curriculum post, you’ll find a huge link that will take you to a PDF for that week. You can print from there. The notebooking pages have three links according to the level you’ll be doing with your kids. You’ll want to click on the link to the correct level, then print the PDF.

      You will need to access each week separately through the indexes.

      ~ Danika

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  28. I love this! I’ve quickly glanced through it all & plan to slowly print it all off! I assume from the dates that year 3 will be posted sometime next summer? I just don’t want to miss the last portion of the Road Trip!

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